Gowan Announces Dairy Guarantee Program

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Gowan Gowan USA, LLC recently announced that its new Affiance Fungicide Guarantee Program is available for dairy producers throughout the United States.

“We’re so confident in the ability of Affiance Fungicide to increase the feed value of corn silage that we’re offering this ironclad guarantee,” stated Chad Dyer, Affiance Product Manager for Gowan. “Dairy producers just need to purchase one case of Affiance Fungicide from their chemical dealers to use on their silage corn, and if it doesn’t produce more milk per ton of dry matter versus their non-treated corn, we’ll refund the cost of the Affiance.”

Dairy producers interested in becoming participants can get involved by heading to the Affiance Fungicide website and clicking on the “Dairy Guarantee Program” link to view the rules and restrictions, register for the program, and view the results of Affiance Fungicide silage corn trials. Producers must register on the product website in order to participate in the program.

Once registered, participants need to purchase one five gallon case of Affiance Fungicide from their local chemical dealer. The dealer must be notified of your participation in the Dairy Guarantee Program.

Participants should apply 10 fluid ounces of Affiance per acre to any silage cornfield at the V4 – V8 growth stage, making sure to leave an untreated strip for comparison. Affiance treated versus untreated comparison must be made in the same field and on the same hybrid of corn.

Samples should be taken at harvest of both the treated and untreated silage and submitted to a participants local dairy lab for feed quality testing.

If the lab results show the Affiance Fungicide treated sample doesn’t produce more milk per ton of dry matter, Gowan will refund the cost of the Affiance up to $900, which is an equivalent of $180 per gallon.

“Our complete confidence in Affiance stems from the product’s outstanding performance in 2014 and 2015 field trials from Florida to Idaho,” Dyer added. “By offering superior control of the key fungal diseases that attack silage corn, as well as a general improvement in plant health, Affiance increased fresh and dry weight yields while boosting starch content and crude protein content, and even increased NDF-30 (a measure of digestibility in a cow’s rumen after 30 hours). Bottom line, these trials showed that Affiance can increase milk production by up to 2,712 pounds per acre over untreated corn and 1,242 pounds per acre over the next closest competitor.”

More information on the Affiance Dairy Guarantee Program can be found online.