Begin with the End in Mind – Pig Performance from Day 1

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wpx-16-151Pig performance starts on day one and the folks at Boehringer Ingelheim Vetmedica, Inc. (BIVI) understand that. During the 2016 World Pork Expo, BIVI hosted a business seminar to help producers maximize their competitive advantage. Mark Schwartz, the director of production systems for Schwartz Farms, spoke on keys to positively impact pig performance from birth to finish. Their farm philosophy they implement each and everyday is to begin with the end in mind.

“We want to assist the pigs in getting up, getting warm and in getting colostrum. Each and every pig needs to do so. It is key to the pigs well-being. From then on we are sure to provide a comfortable environment for the sow and the litter. That is the starting point and then we maintain that health from birth to market.”

Twenty-four hour farrowing houses is one concept Schwartz Farms adopted three years ago. This method has cut their stillborn rates in half. Other elements they strive to implement to ensure pig performance includes quality injections and bio-secure transportation. All these factors require continuous communication with all employees so everyone is on the same page with protocols.

“All of these aspects aren’t difficult, but as companies grow they must make sure someone is in charge and accountable for each of those aspects. Cleanliness of the farrowing house, trailer and barn aren’t technical. It’s simply a matter of communication and teamwork.”

Listen to my complete interview with Mark to learn more about the simplicity of keeping pigs alive and the instinct when working with livestock needed. Interview with Mark Schwartz, Schwartz Farms

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