GEA Rotary Parlors with AutoRotor™ PerFormer CX360

Jamie JohansenAgribusiness, Dairy, dairy farming, Equipment, Milk, Milking Parlor

geaThe GEA AutoRotor™ PerFormer CX360 has taken rotary parlors to the next level with its new design, increased labor efficiency and improved cow comfort while also including a five-year warranty on the platform and rollers.

“For more than two decades, rotary parlors have revolutionized dairy production around the world and now the AutoRotor™ PerFormer CX360 advances them to a whole new level of engineering,” says Chris Genal, Milking & Cooling Sales Manager for GEA North America.

With above and below the deck performance, AutoRotor™ PerFormer CX360 features a revolutionary roller system that keeps the platform on-center milking after milking, reducing friction, extending roller longevity, and reducing maintenance needs. The platform is based on a series of preassembled, pie-shaped segments that fit together to form the circular base of the rotary, allowing for an extremely precise yet quick installation.

Sound engineering choices have also streamlined udder preparation with the PosiForm position arms that stay below the deck for an unobstructed view and access to teats during udder prep; and then are raised into presentation mode when ready to attach the milking units. After milking, the PosiForm arm removes the milking unit straight off the udder (not at an angle) and safely away from the cow’s legs. Then, the arm is lowered below the platform out of the way for less animal and employee interference to help increase labor efficiency and cow comfort.

The heavy duty AutoRotor™ PerFormer CX360 rotary parlor comes in configurations from 40 to 120 stalls, to suit the needs of dairies of various sizes.

“Reliability and labor efficiency were two key factors when designing this sleek new system,” explains Genal. “Many farmers utilizing this parlor technology have commented on the number of cows they are able to milk with oftentimes less labor– plus most importantly, cows are getting milked and back to the housing area much faster.”