Te Pari Featured In Upcoming Innovations TV Episode

Lizzy SchultzAg Group, Animal Health, Animal Welfare, Communications, Company Announcement

te-pari-logo An upcoming episode of the Discovery Channel show Innovations w/ Ed Begley Jr. will feature Te Pari Products Ltd (Te Pari), and aims to educate viewers about Te Pari’s mission to improve the safety and welfare of farming people and animals with its award winning Revolution Dosing Gun and scale system. The episode will air some time during the fourth quarter of 2016 via Discovery Channel and RFD-TV. Dates and show times are currently TBA.

“The real need is to take the guesswork out of animal production. Precision delivery of pour on, drenching and vaccinating with Te Pari’s innovative Revolution Dosing Gun helps mitigates the risk of under-dosing and costs associated with over-dosing,” said Jeremy Blampied, Marketing Director from Te Pari Products Ltd. “This powered Dosing Gun is also very easy to use eliminating repetitive strain injury when dosing. The Te Pari Scale and Dosing gun is the ultimate in Precision Animal Health.”

This scale system is an industry first, and its unique technology provides unprecedented precision application of animal health products. The Revolution Dosing Gun integrates with an Electronic Weigh Scale, and accurately calculates how much animal health product each individual animal needs. The data is transmitted from the scale to the Revolution Dosing Gun through an on-board Wi-Fi system, and the data allows the gun to deliver a calibrated dose at the pull of the trigger based on the animal’s exact weight.

“Te Pari understands how tough it is to work the land and appreciates how dangerous it can be working with livestock,” said Carmen Kelp, producer for the Innovations TV series. “We look forward to enlightening audiences on the amazing things they’re doing to help farmers.”