Cattle Producers Continue to Succeed With SelectVAC

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Zoetis_Logo Cattle producers and buyers across the country are continuing to succeed with SelectVAC, the preconditioning program from Zoetis that helps to generate greater value and operational sustainability. Over the last two years, calves enrolled in WeanVAC through the SelectVAC program brought up to $72 more per head than similarly preconditioned cattle that were not enrolled in the program. Calves enrolled in SelectVAC have also demonstrated better performance than other preconditioning programs in a commercial feedlot study, and were more than four times less likely to get sick or die than calves with an unverified health history.

“Having been raised on a cow/calf farm, I know just how hard cattle producers work to raise healthy cattle,” said Nathan Voris, DVM, MBA, senior marketing manager, cattle vaccines at Zoetis. “SelectVAC helps ranchers better represent their cattle on sale day so they can capture the full value of their hard work.”

The program is backed by the industry’s two most trusted respiratory vaccines, Bovi-Shield Gold and Inforce 3. SelectVAC enrollments are also vetted and verified by an independent third party, and the program’s detailed barn card listing vaccination and herd management records offers buyers assurance they are purchasing reputable, well-immunized calves.

The newly redesigned SelectVAC website is now live, featuring enhanced convenience and an easy-to-navigate enrollment dashboard. Enrolling cattle into the SelectVAC program is now easier than ever, and users can also enter cattle immunization records, management information, breeding and genetic data, marketing location, intended sale date and more. Checking on current enrollment status, referring to archived records, and downloading a digital copy of the barn card are now easier than ever as well.

“The new website and enrollment dashboard eliminates excessive administrative time and effort to better support producers and veterinarians operating on busy schedules,” Dr. Voris said. “Cattle producers vaccinate their calves to help keep them healthy and growing to their potential on the farm. The Western Video Market data shows there is additional value in enrolling calves in SelectVAC. As the two-year study revealed, buyer respect and premium wasn’t paid for calves listed in other preconditioning programs — it was reserved for calves specifically enrolled in SelectVAC.”

More information about the SelectVAC program can be found on the programs website.