DuPont Launches 1st Biogas Specific Enzyme- OPTIMASH

Joanna SchroederAgribusiness, Biogas, enzymes, sustainability

DuPont Industrial Biosciences has launched its first enzyme specifically for the rapidly growing biogas industry. OPTIMASH AD-100 was designed to improve biogas yields and process robustness for biomethane producers. DuPont says the enzyme has been shown to produce up to a 13 percent increase in biogas yields in anaerobic digesters, and the product should ultimately increase a biogas producer’s revenue and profitability.

DuPont logoThe animal ag industry offers multiple opportunities for producers to convert animal waste to energy through biogas production. Several years ago the White House released its first ever Biogas Opportunities Roadmap with a special emphasis on the dairy industry.

This new enzyme, OPTIMASH AD-100 is designed to assist in the breakdown of organic matter such as animal and farm wastes. This technology produces sugars more suitable for biogas-producing microorganisms. The addition of this enzyme into the biomethane process improves the profitability for customers and operators by reducing feedstock requirements and increasing biogas production, according to DuPont.

“DuPont is entering this market with an offering that is backed by decades of experience in the global industrial enzyme business,” said Conrad Burke, global marketing director. Customers can expect this technology to increase biogas production, improve biogas quality, shorten process time and reduce mixing costs – all supported by a global organization with continuous investment in R&D.”

Methane biogas is primarily used to generate electricity or is compressed and inserted into the pipeline gas grid.