NJAA Recognizes Members at NJAS

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AngusLogoBlack The National Junior Angus Association (NJAA) recently recognized several exemplary NJAA members the National Junior Angus Show (NJAS) in Grand Island, Neb. Bob and Becky Tiedeman, Sarah McCall, and Joe and Susanne Bush all received honors and recognitions for their unique contributions to the NJAA.

Bob and Becky Tiedeman, and Joe and Susanne Bush, were each named the newest inductees into the prestigious Honorary Angus Foundation.

The Tiedemans have dedicated hours of their time to the sale of the Angus Foundation Heifer Package for many years, generously donated cash gifts to the Angus Foundation, and stayed active in the organization’s fundraising activities, donating and buying items in the Angus Foundation’s silent auction at the NJAS.

“Bob and Becky are always finding a way to give back to the Angus breed and help our Angus youth,” says Milford Jenkins, Angus Foundation president. “They love this industry and promoting what it stands for.”

The Bushes hope to pass on their passion for the Angus business to the next generation of Angus breeders, finds pride in helping youth however they can, and believe in the lessons learned from being in the agricultural community. They also recognize the importance of education and how it benefits those who will carry on the Angus breed and agriculture industry.

“We like to watch the kids as they take care of their animals,” Joe says. “The experiences they gain and the foundation it builds for them to go and be more productive adults is easily seen.”

The Bushes have also named the Angus Foundation as the primary charitable beneficiary for the bulk of their estate, and this year, the Bushes will award the first scholarship from the Joseph and Susanne Bush/J& S Angus Scholarship Endowment Fund. They began funding the scholarship in 2015 with a cash gift to the Angus Foundation.

Sarah McCall was nominated during the event for the Advisor of the Year award, and recognized her for her leadership, professionalism and compassion.

“For over three years, Dr. Sarah McCall has served the Virginia Junior Angus Association (VJAA) with exceptional dedication,” says William Fiske, former National Junior Angus Board (NJAB) member from Virginia. “Mrs. McCall and her family have embraced the activities and opportunities of the NJAA to not only encourage new members in their community, but across the entire state of Virginia.”