MS Drycare Available in US

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MS DryCare small MS DryCare, an active drying agent and hygiene powder, boasts an absorption capacity of more than 200%. It is unique, the first of its kind, and t’s now available in the US.

“With drastically reducing the pathogen pressure in the animal’s environment, we see tremendous results in terms of hygiene, animal welfare and technical results” says Mark Schippers, owner of MS Schippers and producer of MS DryCare.

DryCare has shown to create a dryer and warmer environment that will increase the rate of colostrum intake by newborn piglets, greatly reducing loss in the first week after birth.

MS Schippers, the makers of DryCare, have spent the past 50 years working on improving animal health and food safety, and reducing the need for antibiotic use while keeping their solutions profitable.

“MS Schippers and our hygiene powder are already in business in over 40 countries and after we’ve got several requests from the US, we decided to deliver there as well” tells Harrie Schippers, brother and co-owner of MS Schippers, “With a reduced pathogen pressure, you see that animals can allocate more energy for growth instead of fighting bacteria”.

To find your local dealer in the US where you can get MS DryCare, just surf to the website here.