John Deere Launches New How-To Website

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OverallJohn Deere and Frontier Equipment recently announced the launch of, a new website that offers a convenient, trustworthy, one-stop resource for the answers to all of your “how-do-I-do-that” kind of questions. More than 45 helpful articles and videos have been uploaded to the site, covering the solutions on how to tackle many of those property jobs and projects.

“Go to and you’ll find the kind of how-to information customers are really looking for,” says Scott Geier, manager, sales/marketing, John Deere. “You’ll find instructions and product information on a range of topics including gravel drives, fence building, garden building, mowing, seeding, snow removal, water control, and much, much more.”

The site grew out of conversations with customers about the types of information that were the most helpful when working with their equipment. At the top of the list were tips and ideas about ways to maintain and improve their property, as well as information on how to get the most out of their equipment.

ID1475056-Tip_Notebook_Landing_Page_A“There are other places that have this kind of information,” adds Geier. “But it’s scattered across dozens of websites and it’s hard to sort. At, project tips and solutions developed by experts are centralized, trustworthy and easy-to-find. And, we’ll be adding new tips and advice regularly.”

Topics include how to use a grooming mower, how to plant a wildflower meadow, how to maintain a gravel drive, how to use a manure spreader, how to aerate, fertilize, and over seed your lawn, how to create a large vegetable garden with a one-bottom plow, how to build a rail fence, how to use a wood chipper, how to renovate a pasture, and how to free a tractor stuck in the mud.

For more information about how to tackle just about any project the right way, customers are encouraged to contact their local John Deere dealer or visit the new website here.