Ag Women Star in RFD-TV FarmHer Series

Cindy ZimmermanAg Group, Audio, Media

farmher-rfdRFD-TV’s FarmHer series started airing this month on the rural television network, spotlighting women in agriculture around the country. RFD-TV and FarmHer formed a partnership earlier this year to bring a positive image of farm woman to television and the first program in the series aired on September 9.

farmher-barbaraThis week’s episode, which premieres at 8:30 central time tomorrow (September 23), features Barbara Mazurek of southwest Texas who raises Boer goats, angora goats, and cattle – at the ripe young age of 80.

Barbara was a school teacher for 38 years and kept her family ranch operating after her husband died in a farming accident in 1993. “When I retired from school teaching…it was just in me to keep going ranching and I love it. And I will ranch as long as I can put one foot in front of the other,” she says.

Barbara loves the outdoor life and working with animals. “I just like seeing what I produce grow and being able to market it and make a living from it,” she said.

Listen to this interview with Barbara, watch the RFD-TV episode and be inspired! Interview with Barbara Mazurek, Texas rancher