Portable Manure Separation For Concentrated Dairies

Jamie JohansenAgribusiness, Cattle, Dairy, Equipment

screen-shot-2016-09-27-at-8-26-41-amBauer North America, a supplier of irrigation and waste management solutions for dairy producers in the United States and Canada, has introduced the Bauer Plug and Play Portable Manure Separator.

“The Plug and Play Manure Separator is a portable, space-saving option for dairies with high animal density but limited space,” said company representative, Robert Hultgren. “It allows dairy farmers the flexibility to perform manure separation where it’s needed most.”

All essential components – separator, pumps, controls, tubing, cables – are incorporated into a single compact unit with a footprint of just 7’4” x 3’3”, small enough to be mounted on a forklift. Output is approximately 177 cubic feet (5 cubic meters) per hour for dairy slurry, yielding an impressive dry matter content of up to 36 percent depending on separator configuration.

The Plug and Play is operational after just a few steps, and disconnects quickly for efficient separation at multiple locations on the same farm, or at multiple farms.

Bauer North America is a division of the Bauer Group, an international supplier of irrigation systems, waste management systems, pipes and fittings to a variety of industries worldwide. The company also offers the FAN line of separators for agriculture, biogas and bioethanol plants, food processing and chemical manufacturers.