Responsible Antibiotic Use in Dairy from Zoetis

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wde-16-214-editedResponsible antibiotic use is the talked about item at this year’s World Dairy Expo. The dairy industry is easily moving towards a conscientious mentality of decreasing residues in milk and meat. Zoetis has been working with dairy farmers and veterinarians for over 60 years to promote animal health and responsible antibiotics use fits right into that.

I spoke to Dr. Gary Neubauer, senior manager dairy technical services group, to hear more about how the industry is changing and what the future holds. “The bottom line, the industry has come a long way in taking residue avoidance seriously but there is still plenty of work to do.”

Zoetis has been working to educate producers and veterinarians on the risk of volatile residues, the importance of responsible antibiotics use and the consequences of misuse. is a website you can go to and receive tools, resources and assessments for on-farm use.

“Antibiotic stewardship needs to start on the farm. That is where it will make the most impact on our industry. It needs to include both producer and veterinary education and hands-on training to ensure responsible antibiotic use, a safe sustainable milk and meat supply, symptom identification, understanding of product labels and uses, dosing instructions/withdrawal times and of course proper market-cow backgrounding.”

Dr. Neubauer believes everyone involved in the industry needs to work side-by-side to advocate, innovate and collaborate. Listen to my complete interview to learn about other resources Zoetis offers in their on-going efforts to educate on responsible antibiotic use. Interview with Dr. Gary Neubauer, Zoetis

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