Join Dairy Community in Pledge to Use Less Antibiotics

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wde-16-129-editedTake the Pledge to use less antibiotics with Boehringer Ingelheim Vetmedica, Inc. (BIVI) and the dairy community. World Dairy Expo (WDE) served as the perfect platform for BIVI to ask dairy farmers to further understand the ethical and medical responsibility that comes with the use of antibiotics.

BIVI understands the concerns about antibiotic resistance and is dedicated to helping the dairy industry reduce its overall antibiotic use. In an effort to do so, they’re inviting dairy producers and veterinarians to join them in taking a pledge to commit to using their antibiotics judiciously, specifically when it comes to treating mastitis. I spoke with Megan Herberg, mastitis tubes brand manager, during last week’s expo to learn more.

“Our take the pledge campaign is our rally cry to stand together and use antibiotics judiciously, which is something very important to BIVI as a company. We believe in short duration therapy when it comes to treating mastitis and we have data to prove it’s effectiveness. We are inviting producers and veterinarians to take this pledge which means they are joining in our commitment, doing what’s in their power to prevent disease and only using antibiotics when required.”

Also at WDE, BIVI introduced PolyMast, a once-a-day three tube treatment for mastitis. “We are really excited to have a product that fits today’s dairy operation with a once-a-day label. It’s available in pails, boxes and comes with some great data behind it.”

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