Holstein Registration Continues to Thrive

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wde-16-holstein Their signature black and white markings make the Holstein one of the most easily recognizable breeds of dairy cattle, but it is the breed’s superior milk production traits and strong ability to thrive that has led the Holstein to become the most popular dairy breed in the world. Behind every great breed of livestock is a superb breed association, and the Holstein Association USA is no exception. It is the world’s largest dairy breed association, with close to 400,000 Holsteins registered each year, and its nationwide membership has totaled over 18,000.

Jodi Hoynoski, Executive Director of Holstein Identification and Member Services for Holstein Association USA, sat down with me for an interview during the 2016 World Dairy Expo, to discuss Holstein registration numbers, which have continued to thrive in recent years.

“We’re really excited that the interest in registration continues to thrive, we’ve been growing and seeing the highest registration totals in fifteen years,” she said. “I think a lot of dairymen are getting interested in having good identification systems on their farms, and that’s helping drive our registrations to increase.”

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Interview with Jodi Hoynoski, Holstein Association USA

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