Promoting Brown Swiss Youth Activities at WDE

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wde-16-brownswiss The Brown Swiss was another breed of dairy cattle celebrated at this year’s World Dairy Expo, and the Brown Swiss Cattle Association (BSCA) made a presence of their own at the Expo. The association had several youth activities held during the event, and Skyler DeGroft, Youth Advisor for BSCA, sat down for an interview during this year’s Expo.

“We’re here to promote what we do, especially all of our contests that are coming up. We have a state contest, a bell ringer contest, and an Ambassador program,” she said. “The ambassadors go to our different shows throughout the year, help out in the show ring, and interview some of the youth to feature in our Brown Swiss Bulletin and help promote the breed.”

109 youth exhibitors competed with their Brown Swiss cattle at the 2016 World Dairy Expo, and BCSA expects a large number the Brown Swiss community’s youth to participate in their upcoming 2017 youth programs.

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Interview with Skyler DeGroft, Brown Swiss Association

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