Improving Feed Efficiency With Keenan inTouch

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wde-16-204-edited Ensuring proper and consistent nutrition is one of the most important factors in successful dairy production, and producers are continuing to seek out new ways to utilize advanced technologies that can help improve the feed efficiencies of their herds. The team at Keenan Systems was on-site during World Dairy Expo to talk about Keenan inTouch, their latest technology that is helping farmers across the globe improve feed efficiencies and maximize the value of their feed.

InTouch is a smart weigh scale and TMR tracker that attaches to one of the company’s mixer wagons to provide constant improvement of a herd’s performance through the collection of live data from each feed mixing. The data can be compared to an operation’s milk production data to create incredibly accurate measurements of feed efficiency.

“A lot of producers are interested in how we’re unique, and our unique selling point is that we have a team of nutritionists monitoring these alerts that are sent to us,” said Eddie Daly, an account manager at Keenan inTouch, in an interview during World Dairy Expo. “You’re feeding your cows everyday, you often don’t have time to look at the data, so we have a team of nutritionists that are able to pick up alerts if we think something has gone wrong or needs to be improved, and we can be on the phone to you and help you make the appropriate changes to your diet.”

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