Improving Beef Genetics Through New Technologies

Jamie JohansenAg Group, Angus, Beef, Cattle, Genetics, Reproduction, Seedstock, Video

In this week’s Angus VNR, Mark Allan, Director of Genetic Technology, Trans Ova Genetics, discusses the opportunity for producers to improve all-around genetics through new technologies. This video is a production of Certified Angus Beef and the American Angus Association.

We see new technological advances everyday and the beef industry is seeing the impact. In this segment Allan discusses the evolution of genetic evaluation and technologies including DNA, IVF and embryo transfer.

There is no question the dairy industry has led the way, encouraging the beef side to follow. Allan said, “We’re starting to see that evolution begin to happen in the beef industry as these technologies are combined and come together, focus on quality of products, animal longevity–all these traits and the specifics that are gonna be needed for commercial producers to continue to have success and make genetic gains and focus in on target markets is gonna take bringing all these technologies together at all levels of the ‘beef pyramid’ as I call it, all the way from the nucleus genetics, and way down to the food we produce for our consumers.”