Nutriquest Partners W/ Southern Poultry Research Group

Lizzy SchultzAgribusiness, Company Announcement, Poultry, Research

nutriquest NutriQuest and Southern Poultry Research Group, Inc. recently partnered in order to open the NutriQuest Poultry Research Center, a state of the art poultry research center in Nicholson, Georgia. The center is a part of a long-term research agreement with Southern Poultry Research Group, Inc.

“We are fortunate to partner with world renowned veterinarian and researcher, Dr. Charles Hofacre, to provide research that delivers innovative solutions that provide a consistent and reliable result”, said Dr. Ken Purser, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at NutriQuest. The new research center will accommodate all aspects of broiler research and includes 120 floor pens that will house up to 3,000 broilers at a time.

According to Dr. Chet Wiernuz, Director of Poultry Technology at NutriQuest, “The new facility was designed specifically for research and will provide NutriQuest with an industry-leading dedicated broiler research capability. Several studies will be conducted annually focusing on feed and water delivered solutions to improve health and performance.”