Zoetis Launches EQStable App for Horse Owners

Lizzy SchultzAgribusiness, Animal Health, Equine, Horses, Technology, Zoetis

Zoetis_Logo Zoetis has launched a new app to help prepare you and your horse for the fall and winter show seasons. The EQStable app tracks horse health, and the app’s latest update includes a new equine weight calculated to help make accurate medication dose calculations simpler.

Users will find the weight calculator within the main menu of the EQStable app, as well as in a quick link when entering their horse’s information.

Additional features of the EQStable app include calendar reminders for complete horse health, including vaccinations, farrier visits and dental exams, as well as events and trips, ‘Track My Ride,’ which allows riders to track and save their rides with a ride history log, featured horse health tips on vaccinations, dentistry and shoeing, and GlobalVetLINK, which provides on-the-go access to digital health certificates, digital Coggins certificates and GoPass six-month passports.

Find EQStable at the iTunes app store here