Merial Talks Cattle Product Line at NAFB

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16nafb-46-editedThe team at Merial made a presence during the NAFB Trade Talks, and Jamie had an opportunity to sit down with Dr. Joe Dedrickson, Field Veterinary Service Director, to talk about three important products in Merial’s portfolio of cattle health solutions: Synschsure, Longrange, and Zactran.

Synchsure, a prostaglandin that can be used to synchronize the cycle of both dairy and beef cattle and to help aid in recovery from uterine infections, is a welcome addition to Merial’s full line of reproductive products.

Dr. Dedrickson also explained that, with the cattle market currently in a down cycle, using parasite protection products like Longrange are more important than ever for producers looking to maximize profitability.

“One of the things cattlemen do when price goes way down is eliminate cash expenditures, and we’re actually doing it backwards,” he said. “Now is when we should be using a product like Longrange and spending that extra money, because getting an extra 20 pounds or more in weaning weight on calves is more important than ever.”

Zactran, a macrolide antibiotic that can be used to treat Bovine Respiratory Disease (BRD), is going to be especially useful for producers as the winter months are approaching.

“As quick as 15 minutes after injection, we’re seeing significant levels. Because we get high levels so quickly, we see a lot of response already in the first 24 hours,” said Dr. Dedrickson. “Now we have less handling because we have a longer duration of activity, it stays in the lungs for 10 days.”

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