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16nafb-49-editedThe National Pork Producers Council (NPPC) once again brought key spokespeople to Kansas City for NAFB’s Trade Talk. Beyond the election, there is no doubt the hottest topic discussed this year was trade. NPPC President, John Weber, said they were optimistic about the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) and have invested a lot of time and resources into it.

“We are fortunate as an industry to get a very good outcome with TPP. It’s extremely beneficially for American pork producers. We have put in big efforts this fall talking with senators and congressmen and women on the importance of TPP to pork producers and ag in general. I think that message was heard loud and clear.”

John said he feels it is prudent for agriculture to let the new administration shape itself and if TPP doesn’t get passed in lame duck, NPPC will push forward for passage in the coming year. Listen here as John shares more on reaction to new administration, when the farm bill will be discussed and our general preparedness for foreign animal disease here in the U.S. Interview with John Weber, NPPC

16nafb-48-editedEven as the policy arm in the pork industry, antibiotics are a key issue. I spoke with NPPC’s Dr. Dan Kovich, Deputy Director of Science and Technology, who shared how they are communicating and educating their producers on the upcoming Veterinary Feed Directive (VFD).

“I am very proud of the pork industry. They have stepped up and are ready to implement these new changes. The NPPC, National Pork Board and American Association of Swine Vets have really done a great job getting the message to our respected members. They know they need to document what they have always been doing and that’s working closely with their veterinarians to ensure antibiotics are being used in the best most responsible way possible.”

Listen to my complete interview with Dan to hear some of the conversations he has had with both vets and producers leading up to Jan. 1, 2017. Interview with Dan Kovich, NPPC

View and download photos from the event here: NAFB Convention Photo Album

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