Cargill Donates Turkeys to Arkansas Food Banks

Jamie JohansenAgribusiness, Cargill, Food, Holiday, Turkey

cargill_logoCargill is doing its part to combat food insecurity by donating nearly 2,000 Honeysuckle White® whole turkeys each to the Northwest Arkansas (NWA) Food Bank and the River Valley Regional Food Bank.

“We hope to reach almost 4,000 families in our community with our donation. Whether a family is going through a difficult time, or regularly seeks assistance from our local food banks, they deserve to have access to nutritional, wholesome, delicious protein.” said Shane Acosta, Cargill’s Springdale complex general manager. “We are thrilled to be a part of a mission dedicated to placing turkey on the plates of those who would otherwise not be able to afford it during the holiday season.”

According to Feeding America, one of Cargill’s nutrition and health partners, statistics show that one in five people in the state of Arkansas struggles with hunger, compared to a national average of one in seven people. Arkansas is ranked second on the nation’s list of most food insecure states, with 20 percent of its residents identifying as food insecure in 2016.

“Nourishing people is woven into Cargill’s cultural fiber, and we are proud to demonstrate what that means in our very own community,” said Acosta. “We value the partnerships we have with the local food banks to help support their mission in any way that we can. The farmers who own the 700 independent farms that raise turkeys for Cargill share our pride in helping nourish people throughout America.”