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16nafb-47-editedThe Pork Checkoff works to market and promote U.S. pork for producers nationwide. Checkoff dollars allow for the producer to do what they do best – raise pigs – and leave the marketing to the professionals. National Pork Board President, Jan Archer, took me through the role the board plays in the pork community using checkoff dollars to promote U.S. pork at the state, national and international levels.

“Our checkoff dollars are used to work with our partners in the retail and restaurant sectors to help move pork the producers are producing. Two years ago we didn’t have enough pork in supply because of the PEDv, which decimated our industry. If you give a farmer a target they will hit it. We knew we need to produce more product and we did that in spades.”

Jan said with our current abundant supply their is a strong need to make sure consumers understand the value of U.S. pork. It’s not only a healthy, wholesome, delicious product but also a product at a very attractive price point.

“The checkoff also works with trade partners. Historically up to about 27% of pork produced as gone overseas. With the West Coast ports shut down and PEDv we lost some of that marketshare. Now our checkoff dollars are being used to resurge that market, regain lost marketshare and expand it. 2016 has been a good year for that.”

Moving away from her role with the checkoff, I asked Jan to take off her Pork Board hat and put on the hat she wears daily as a pork producer. Her farm was one of the many East Coast farms hit hard by the recent hurricane. Listen to my complete interview to hear how she cared for her animals during the natural disaster and how communities rallied together to help each other. Interview with Jan Archer, Pork Board President

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