Beef. It’s What’s For Families

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16nafb-41-editedToday’s world moves fast, but nutrition shouldn’t take a backseat for busy families. Representatives from the Cattlemen’s Beef Board (CBB) were onsite at NAFB Trade Talk to discuss some of the beef checkoff’s latest promotions and initiatives that focus on family health and nutrition.

One campaign, a 30 Day Food Waste Challenge, sends daily emails to participants with tips on ways to help reduce food waste in their home. Studies show that approximately 40% of the food purchased in the U.S. is wasted, and CBB estimates that this waste could feed 90,000 people every day and costs the average American family an extra $2500 annually.

“As farmers and ranchers, we are always striving to use every ingredient when feeding our cattle. We want to transfer that concept over to the consumer,” said Joan Ruskamp, CBB Secretary/Treasure, in an interview during Trade Talk. “A lot of resources went into producing that food, and a lot of energy and water and land use is wasted.”

Another new campaign is Families in Motion, an online resource for families in search of quick, easy, and nutritious recipes for families on the move.

“Today’s moms and dads are running all over and trying to make sure their kids are healthy in the process, and we want to find ways to support busy, mobile families and family health,” said Ruskamp.

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16nafb-42-editedDave Zino, Checkoff Executive Chef, also sat down to discuss some of the resources CBB has made available to help families learn the best ways to incorporate beef into their diets.

“The nice thing about beef is that you have options with it. You can braise it, put it in the slow cooker, put it on the grill, cook it in the pan, you can stir fry it, there are so many ways to prepare it,” he said. “I like to say beef is nature’s best tasting multi-vitamin, it’s loaded with zinc, iron, protein, and B vitamins.”

The interactive butcher counter on CBB’s website allows consumers to look up different cuts of meat, get tips on different preparation methods for each cut, learn information about each cut, and search through a variety of recipes.

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