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16nafb-56-editedOver the last ten years, the Animal Ag Alliance have sent representatives to animal rights conferences to listen and to learn about trends, campaigns planned and tactics intended to be deployed. The Alliances’s President and CEO, Kay Johnson Smith, was on-hand at NAFB’s Trade Talk to talk about current and historical trends in animal rights activism and how the agricultural industry can protect against the misinformation these groups share.

“We have seen many trends targeting the retailers and restaurants. That is going to continue. From that, we produce a report called, ‘Under Pressure,’ highlighting some of the plans, campaigns they plan to use to get retailers to do what they want. These groups like the Humane Society of the United State (HSUS) have the appearance on the outside to be polished and professional. But it is really important for everybody to understand that their end-game is exactly the same as PETA’s, to eliminate animal agriculture.”

There is a lot of information out there these days. Consumers have a hard time knowing who they can trust. Kay said it all starts with communication and encourages everyone involved in agriculture to use social media to demonstrate transparency.

Listen to my complete interview with Kay as she shares other ways to tell your ag story with consumers and a sneak peek into the 2017 Stakeholders Summit Connect to Protect Animal Ag. Interview with Kay Johnson Smith, Animal Ag Alliance

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