New Fish Supplement From Phibro Animal Health

Lizzy SchultzAgribusiness, Animal Health, Aquaculture, Nutrition, Supplements

phibro-animal-healthPhibro Aqua has announced the launch of PAQ-Gro for Hatchery, a new nutritional feed supplement to maximize fish health during grow-out in hatcheries and nurseries.

“Cultured fish and shrimp species in their early stages are especially susceptible to stress, disease and, ultimately, mortality,” Dr. Raanan Ariav, Vice President of Phibro Aqua, commented. “We believe that, when fed daily, PAQ-Gro for Hatchery will become an important tool for fish and shrimp farmers in their hatchery and nursery operations.”

PAQ-Gro for Hatchery is a proprietary blend of natural ingredients, specifically formulated for the early stages of aquaculture development, showing good bioavailability following extrusion. The product can be integrated into aquafeed by top-coating after feed production or in the premix before pelleting or extrusion.

Backed by extensive research conducted at universities in the United States, Thailand and Israel and at Phibro Aqua’s facilities, as well as field trials in multiple countries.

“We are very excited about reaching this milestone – the launch of our first proprietary product – and we continue our focus on using this same methodology towards building out our full product offering, which in addition to expanding our innovative nutritional line will also include biological and medicinal products for our customers around the world.”