Bayer Products Giving Producers An Advantage

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16nafb-59-edited Bayer Animal Health has several new products coming down the pipeline for cattle producers, and Dr. Larry Hawkins, Sr. Technical Services Veterinarian, sat down during NAFB Trade Talk to explain how these new products will give producers an extra advantage going into 2017.

One product that producers can be excited about is Zelnate, a DNA immunostimulant that works with the animal’s immune system. Cattle tend to face several stresses on their immune system as they go through the marketing system, and stimulating the immune system can help these animals have an advantage against viruses they may become exposed to during this time.

“Zelnate is all about gearing up the immune system, and Zelnate helps get the immune system ready so the animal can help itself fight off disease, especially respiratory disease,” Said Dr. Hawkins.

Another note-worthy product discussed by Dr. Hawkins was Clean-up Pour-On Lice Insecticide with Insect Growth Regulator (IGR). The IGR makes the product unique because of its ability to stop the egg from maturing, effectively killing all stages of the lifestyle in one application.

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