Milestones Met By Angus Community

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16nafb-34-editedJust about a year ago the American Angus Association brought in Allen Moczygemba to lead their organization as CEO. I was able to chat with him soon after that appointment and recently at NAFB’s Trade Talk. Allen takes us through his first year and strategic plans going forward.

“It’s been a great year for the association. We finished with over 334,000 registrations, which is our 15th largest year ever. Membership surveys we have done show great satisfaction with the services we are providing. We just completed our long-range strategic plan process for the next three years. We have a road map for the future and I couldn’t ask for anything better.”

The Angus breed has a history of leadership and with that comes great responsibility. Allen said in their long-range plan one of their strategies is to continue to leverage that leadership role not only for Angus, but across the industry as well. Listen to my complete interview with Allen as he shares more about the breed’s quality producers, the services they provide them and how they keep it positive with a questionable market. Interview with Allen Moczygemba, American Angus Association

16nafb-33-editedSwitching gears a bit and moving into the product side of the Angus community, the Certified Angus Beef (CAB) brand has reached a billion pounds of sales in it’s most recent fiscal year. Kara Lee, Production Brand Manager for CAB was also at NAFB’s Trade Talk to take us through that milestone.

“The billion pounds was a milestone for our company, but more so for our partners across the globe. From our food service and retail partners who are creating that pull through demand to our cattlemen partners who have truly risen to the challenge of creating high-quality beef to ultimately meet that demand.”

The national beef herd has rebuilt at record speed and therefore we are seeing prices trend downward. Listen to my complete chat with Kara to learn more about the how the Angus breed took the challenge of raising quality beef to the next level and the role management practices play in making sure cattle meet the grade. Interview with Kara Lee, Certified Angus Beef

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