Bison Demand Continues to Grow

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16nafb-45-editedConsumer demand for bison is continuing to increase across the country. Representatives from the National Bison Association made a presence at NAFB Trade Talk to discuss the booming demand in this unique industry.

“We are continually getting our supply outstripped by our demand,” said Dick Gehring, Vice President, National Bison Association, in an interview during Trade Talks.

According to Gehring, bison meat is gaining acclaim from cardiologists, nutritionists, and consumers looking to “eat green.” He also says that farmed bison remain wild and that the association is not actively working to domesticate them.

“One of the really neat things about working with these animals is how much they teach us about conservation and how to preserve the land,” he said. “One of the greatest conservationists in this whole scheme of things is the private rancher. We’ve been able to put a value on this meat product which has enabled us to increase our numbers in the past 50 years.”

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