Dairy Strong Webinar: Cows Don’t Lie

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Dairy Strong and Alltech hosted a cattle health webinar this morning in anticipation of next week’s Dairy Strong Conference, set to be held Jan. 18-19 in Madison, Wisconsin.

The 1-hour session featured Tom Lorenzen, on-farm dairy specialist with Alltech. Lorenzen’s discussion focused on the profound impact a cow’s environment can have on her health, production, performance and your bottom line. The session covered several environmental factors that are vital for a foundation of healthy cows that provide high production, superior milk quality, longevity and greater profitability.

“We’re going to talk about cow comfort today, we’re going to talk about cows and their environment. Cows are very curious, and when you first walk into a barn, you only have a short time before they notice you and start to change their behavior,” Lorenzen said during the session. “Whenever you walk into a barn or into the parlor, I want to encourage you to stop, look, and listen to the cows, because cows don’t lie.”

The session was held on behalf of next week’s Dairy Strong Conference, an event focused on cutting-edge technology, cultural trends and the future of the dairy community.

More information on the Dairy Strong Conference can be found here.

Listen to the full session here:
Dairy Strong Webinar, Cows Don't Lie