Coppens International Unveils Aquatic Feed Innovations

Lizzy SchultzAgribusiness, Algae, Alltech, Feed, Nutrition

Coppens International, an Alltech company and leading international aquatic feed solutions provider, has announced a wide range of projects that have emerged from their partnership with Alltech in 2016, including the introduction of several new algae products containing innovative Alltech technologies.

The two companies have added the following Alltech aquaculture technologies to the Coppens International aquatic feed range with hopes to provide customers with a sustainable alternative to fish oil and inorganic trace minerals as well as provide functional additives to support fish health:

ForPlus: an algae-derived fish oil replacer containing very high levels of DHA omega-3 fatty acids
Bio-Mos: supports gut integrity and overall performance by promoting good bacteria and building defense
Actigen: developed through nutrigenomics as a natural means of maintaining gut health and integrity to support overall performance
Bioplex: optimises overall health, growth and performance of fish using organically bound trace elements such as zinc, copper, manganese and iron

“Our full range of commercial feeds now contains a range of new additives, which are specially designed for the benefit of our customers,” said Gijs Rutjes, technical sales support manager at Coppens International. “We have added Alltech’s ForPlus, which is not only derived from algae, but is a fully traceable and sustainable source of DHA omega-3 and a fish oil replacement.

Amongst the latest innovations being unveiled, Coppens International will introduce a new product to market, Neogreen, a high-quality, sustainable trout feed and the first on the market to contain ForPlus.