NCBA Talks Trump from #CattleCon17

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It’s a busy time to be involved in government affairs, as Colin Woodall of the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association will tell you. Trump hit the ground running, which means NCBA is moving at a quick pace too, Woodall told Jamie Johansen at the 2017 Cattle Industry Convention and NCBA Trade Show.

The executive action to pull the United States out of TTP is a huge concern for NCBA, since without the program the U.S. will be unable to take down tariffs to Japan, loosing beef markets to Australia. Woodall is anxious to know what Trump plans to take the place of the partnership so those in the beef industry can get back to work.

Trade with Canada and Mexico is also high on the list. Whatever Trump’s wall may mean, relationships with two of the top five trade partners is the highest priority for Cattlemen and women.

With concerns about trade looming large, however, it’s nice to have good news on the EPA front. “[Scott Pruitt is] definitely a friend of agriculture when you look at his track record as Attorney General in the state of Oklahoma. He spent his career throwing rocks at EPA and a lot of times doing so on behalf of agriculture, so knowing that he’s going to come in an take over means I think we will see a lessening of the burden on regulation, and in particular I think he is going to take quick action to stop the WOTUS rule,” Woodall says.

Although we may not be ready for it yet, things are also ramping up for the 2018 Farm Bill. Learn more about what’s on the plate of the NCBA in Jamie’s full interview with Woodall here: Interview with Colin Woodall, NCBA Government Affairs

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