Craig Uden Leads the Way for NCBA

Kelly MarshallAg Group, Audio, NCBA

The 2017 Cattle Industry Convention and NCBA Trade Show wrapped up on Saturday with the election of Nebraska cattleman Craig Uden as the organization’s new president. More than 9,300 people attended this year’s convention, shattering the previous record of 8,200, to engage in grassroots policy process, hear from industry experts and attend the expansive tradeshow.

Uden’s route to President might have been unusual, he told Jamie Johansen during the event, but he wouldn’t have it any other way. “It’s been really rewarding, very fulfilling because I understand a little more about the total industry, the gate to plate mentality I like to call it, from conception to consumption.”

Uden is  a fourth-generation cattleman from Elwood, Nebraska. There he and his wife Terri own and manage a commercial cow-calf operations and Uden is partner in Darr Feedlot Inc.

As President Uden hopes to continue the organization’s success in making a difference in the quality of beef that ends up on the plate. He’ll do that by visiting members in different states to see how beef is raised and engaging members through the state/national partnership NCBA already boasts. Engagement and education are key, Uden says, and you see that at the Convention. Sessions are full, people are asking questions and ideas are being shared.

Other officers were selected during the convention as well: Kevin Kester of Parkfield, Calif., president-elect: Jennifer Houston of Sweetwater, Tenn., vice president: Jerry Effertz of Velva, N.D., Federation chairman and the new Federation vice chair is Dawn Caldwell of Edgar, Neb. The new NCBA Policy Division chairman is Joe Guild, Reno, Nev. and Jerry Bohn of Pratt, Kan., is the new policy vice chairman.

Whether participants have been coming to the event for 60 years or have been ranching for just 6 months, Uden hopes they’ll keep coming and keep learning. You can learn more in Jamie’s full interview with Craig Uden here: Interview with Craig Uden, NCBA president-elect

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