NutriQuest Poultry Division Moving Rapidly

Kelly MarshallAudio, IPPE, Poultry

NutriQuest has only had a poultry division for about four years, Director of Sales Shannon Burasco told Chuck Zimmerman at the International Production and Processing Expo (IPPE), but they are committed to serving across the poultry industry, from performance to food safety. They’re working to provide solutions that will assist producers in being good stewards of their animals and offer a final product that is good for the consumer.

“This time next year we feel like we’ll really have some strong solutions and opportunities to provide to the producer, and that’s our main goal, providing solutions for the opportunities they have in the field,” Burasco told Chuck. “At the end of the day [we want] to provide them with a good product that’s going to provide a sound ROI.”

It’s an exciting time to be involved in the new division, Burasco says. In the next three to five years customers can look not only for product development, but the creation of a team and a growing company.

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