Zoetis Introduces VFD Mobile App

Jamie JohansenAgribusiness, Animal Health, Antibiotics, Apps, Feed, Nutrition, Zoetis

Zoetis has introduced a mobile app for use on smartphones, helping simplify the process of writing a Veterinary Feed Directive (VFD) for AUREOMYCIN® (chlortetracycline) or AUREO S 700® (chlortetracycline/sulfamethazine) for their cattle clients. The app is available now for iOS (iPhone®) or Android™ phone operating systems.

“Veterinarians now have the important responsibility of providing oversight and issuing VFDs for the use of medicated feeds, including AUREOMYCIN and AUREO S 700,” said Lynn Godbersen, senior marketing manager, feed additives with Zoetis. “Our goal is to provide a convenient and mobile tool for veterinarians to help facilitate the process of successful VFD implementation.”

The free VFD mobile app allows veterinarians to:
– Easily download and register for the app at no charge.
– Enter client information.
– Ensure appropriate product indications based on animal health need, for seamless VFD development.
– Access product information and combination clearances.
– Quickly calculate drug levels per ton for the ration with a feed additive calculator.
– Easily access previously issued VFDs.