The ZMAC Difference in Aptimmune’s Barricade

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The ZMAC cell line is one piece to the Barricade puzzle. Recently launched by Aptimmune, Barricade is the latest vaccine formulation technology. Aptimmune’s Dr. Gabriela Calzada-Nova, specializes in viral immunology and takes us through the ZMAC difference when it comes to the fight against PRRS in swine houses across the country.

“ZMAC cells are wonderful sub-strates that allow PRRS virus replication,” Dr. Calzada said. The macrophage cell line grows well in suspension and develops large volumes for vaccine production. This new technology will open vast opportunities for the control of PRRS.

“These will change the path towards vaccine development. We are used to intramuscular inoculations. Now we need to understand that the majority of pathogens point of entry is mucosal. With Barricade we will be able to develop a strong immunity at the mucosal level blocking the entry of pathogenic viruses.”

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