Animal Ag at Alltech’s #ONE17

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ONE: The Alltech Ideas Conference (ONE17), held May 21–24 in Lexington, Kentucky, will inspire, motivate producers and prepare them for the future. The three-day conference will bring together industry experts from across the globe to share insights and solutions to today’s most pressing issues within agriculture.

To provide an opportunity for every corner of production agriculture to engage in disruption, ONE17 will include various tracks, including a focus session specifically dedicated to each segment in animal agriculture.

Beef production – Hear case studies from increasing carcass weight to profitable feeding strategies.

Swine production – Hear topics from covering nutrient delivery systems and remodeling pig barns to quantity versus quality efficiencies and global pork consumption.

Poultry production – Hear topics from covering in ovo techniques and the use of CRISPR/Cas9 genome modification to the effects of backyard farming and consumer meat preferences.

Dairy farmers – Hear topics from working through government regulations to discussing the dairy operation of the future.

Aqua production – Hear topics from consumer demand for sustainable, healthy farmed fish to the potential of seaweed.