Sustainable Innovation on Dairy Farms

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Elanco Animal Health’s seminar at the Central Plains Dairy Expo highlighted the role of innovation in the dairy industry. Dr. Roger Cady, Global Sustainability Lead, Scientific Affairs & Policy for Elanco talked about the positive impact of innovation on the I-29 Dairy Corridor which includes Nebraska, Iowa, Minnesota and South Dakota.

“Producers along the I-29 Corridor are recognized as leaders in making milk production and dairy products among the most sustainable in existence – not only in the United States, but also in the entire world – by embracing the concept of continued progress and innovation,” said Cady.

He said communicating sustainability progress to retailers and consumers is key as they are the “second gatekeeper” regarding what they will and will not accept for sale in their outlets based on what they believe is sustainable food production.

“While sustainability has become a complex issue, at its core, it really is about being a farm operator in 20 years from now and passing a successful farm to the next generation,” said Cady. “What it is not about is regulation and retail mandates. When something is sustainable, all benefit: people, animals and the planet.”

As we meet the demand for a growing world, Cady said we cannot afford to do away with innovation that helps farmers produce food in a safe, healthy manner and protects our planet along with the animal’s welfare.

Listen to my complete conversation with Dr. Cady here: Interview with Dr. Roger Cady, Elanco