New Forage Seed Mixture Benefits Bees & Livestock

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In response to America’s urgent needs to protect pollinators and to support sustainable livestock farming, Grassland Oregon, a leading seed research and development company, has introduced a new seed mixture called Pastures for Pollinators. Proceeds from the sales of Pastures for Pollinators will be donated to further sustainable agriculture research programs.

“We have put together a great formula with a number of legume and forbe species that are very attractive to all kinds of pollinators,” said Risa DeMasi, co-founder of Grassland Oregon and immediate past chairman of the American Seed Trade Association. “They are also nutritional balanced for ruminate livestock. Their root systems vary creating great channels in the soil and fertility. You get a win, win, win and we are at the perfect time when people should start thinking about renovating or over-seeding their pastures.”

Habitat loss is a major cause for pollinator decline, which includes monarch butterflies, moths and bee colonies. This is a serious economic and environmental issue, which has not been addressed fully by the US government or the agriculture industry. Native bees contribute over $9 billion to the US economy by pollinating crops, while managed hives contribute over $15 billion. However, over the last five decades, the number of bee colonies has decreased by half and the cost of bee hive rentals for farmers has tripled. Monarch butterfly migrations have declined from 550 million in 2004 to 33 million in 2013.

Pastures for Pollinators seed mixture is available. Orders and donations help increase and sustain the nation’s pollinator population.

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