More Straight from the Heart Words from Sec Sonny

Jamie JohansenAg Group, Audio, Government, Policy, usda

Couser Cattle Company was home to Secretary of Agriculture Sonny Perdue’s stop in Iowa last Friday. The Secretary was welcomed by Bill, Nancy and Tim Couser, as well as Iowa Senators Joni Erst and Chuck Grassley, and Rep. Steve King.

Perdue said President Trump wanted him to relay that he understands that American agriculture is vital to the U.S. economy. “Not only do you have to be good producers like the Couser’s, but you have to be good communicators.”

“My heart’s in agriculture. We are going to make sound science, fact-based, data-driven decisions because that’s what works,” Perdue said after admitting a 17-page speech was written for him and asking if folks cared if he just spoke from the heart. “We have to be better communicators. We owe it to our consumers.” He praised Bill and his family for how they care for their animals and quoted him as saying, “If our young people of America were as vaccinated, healthy, as cared for, fed as well [as our cattle] we wouldn’t have a problem with health in America.”

Perdue ended his remarks with simple words. “We want to let farmers farm again. We want to let ranchers ranch. We want to grow food for the world. Our new motto is Do Right and Feed Everyone,” Perdue said.

USDA is doing an amazing job providing content from Secretary Sonny’s many appearances, with some especially good photos. Check out their photo albums on Flickr. Watch the Facebook Live video on Iowa Agribusiness Radio. Download audio of Perdue’s introduction and remarks here: Sec. Perdue visit to Iowa