A World of First’s in PRRSV Research

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The world’s only provider of mucosal PRRSV and flu vaccines, Aptimmue, officially launched during the 2017 World Pork Expo. The vaccine utilizes the BARRICADE proprietary technologies and takes advantage of high-titer PRRSV antigen produced on ZMAC, the world’s only commercially available porcine based alveolar macrophage cell line.

During the launch, I sat down with Dr. Jianqiang Zhang, Veterinary Diagnostic Lab, College of Vet Medicine, Iowa State University, for an update on the cell line and to find out what’s next for this ground-breaking innovation.

“This March, I received further funding from AASV Foundation. We have three objectives for this project. Number one is to compare the PRRSV isolation in cell lines using different specified times. Then, we will try to evaluate the correlation of PRRSV concentration. In the third objective, we want to learn if PRRSV isolated ZMAC cells will grow in macro 145 cells and vice versa.”

Listen to my complete interview with Dr. Zhang and his remarks during press conference here: Interview with Dr. Zhang, Iowa State University

Remarks from Dr. Zhang, Iowa State University

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Coverage of the World Pork Expo is sponsored by

Coverage of the World Pork Expo is sponsored by Aptimmune