Novus Advances Sustainable Animal Ag Initiatives

Jamie JohansenAgribusiness, Novus International, Nutrition, sustainability

Novus International, Inc. released its annual sustainability report, highlighting improvements made toward its sustainable business goals during the last year. The report marks 2016 as a year where several large projects were launched, goals to reduce emissions were achieved and manufacturing processes were streamlined.

“We don’t just talk about minimizing pollution or reducing waste, we create real, actionable plans to make significant changes in our business for decades to come,” said Francois Fraudeau, Novus President and CEO.

In the report, Novus outlines its 2016 priorities as “optimizing production, cultivating sustainable people and advocating for the industry.” Information about programs to help customers transition to business in an increasingly antibiotic-free marketplace, develop agri-business skills in the next generation and make strategic logistical changes to significantly reduce emissions can be found in the report as sustainability initiatives.

“Sustainability means many different things to many different people. What is important is identifying where you can make a difference,” said Jake Piel, Manager of Marketing Operations at Novus.