DSM Introduces Hy•D® for Swine in U.S. Market

Jamie JohansenAgribusiness, Animal Health, Nutrition, Swine

DSM has introduced Hy•D® to the U.S. marketing optimizing the genetic potential within in sow herds, and improving the overall nutrition status and profitability.

Hy•D is a proprietary metabolite of vitamin D, 25-OH-D3 that supplements vitamin D3. Adding 25-OH-D3 directly into the diet is highly beneficial to animal health and productivity. Hy•D is consistently and efficiently absorbed by the animal, eliminating the need for conversion in the liver, so optimal vitamin D levels are reached more quickly.

When combined with existing vitamin D sources in the diet, Hy•D helps overcome absorption issues frequently experienced by swine and results in higher 25-OH-D3 levels in the bloodstream. The 25-OH-D3 is critical for the utilization of calcium and phosphorus for stronger skeletal structures, improved immune system function, and optimized animal performance from birth to finishing. Field and experimental trials from around the world confirm these results. In addition, producers outside of the U.S. have been successfully using Hy•D for swine.

Research has also shown optimal vitamin D nutrition in modern swine production is essential for ideal sow health, reproductive longevity and skeletal maintenance, improved neonatal nutrition, and the development of unborn pigs.

“Feeding Hy•D provides swine with a fast track to a strong skeleton and better performance,” said Dr. Jeremiah Nemechek, Technical Support Manager, Swine, for DSM Nutritional Products. “When they are fed Hy•D, swine are more likely to produce more selected gilts and to experience fewer farrowing difficulties. For swine producers, this has a direct impact on production and profits.”

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