Emerging Technologies: From the Feed to the Cloud

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The farms of the future will likely use Cloud computing and real-time data to monitor livestock production. These emerging technologies present a huge opportunity in places like the Asia Pacific region, where everything is growing and pig production is booming, according to Art Frio, independent pig production and nutrition consultant.

“There will be hesitation, as always. New things come at a price,” said Frio, who presented at ONE 18: The Alltech Ideas Conference. “But then again, if you look at what they want, they really want information. They really want it quick. Nowadays we have what we call the microwave generation, where nobody can wait for 10 seconds anymore. So, I guess the modern farmers, the new generation of farmers that I’m working with – even maybe outside of Asia Pacific – could be wanting all of this information as quick as possible.”

Frio said much of the information recorded on today’s farms does not get used because it’s not processed in a timely fashion. In a place like the Asia Pacific region where pork production and consumption is growing very quickly, he believes farmers will be left behind if they don’t embrace technology that will allow them to use the Cloud to gather, store and process data in real time.

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