Analyzing Mycotoxin Levels in Swine Feed

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The results of the 2017 harvest analysis with regard to mycotoxin levels show that the 2017 crop was similar to the 2016 crop, and levels were possibly a bit less than in 2015.

Alltech‘s Dr. Max Hawkins said analysis is important as swine producers try to mitigate the risk of mycotoxin exposure in feed.

“We need to get an idea of what risk is present in the corn, present in the feed from mycotoxins,” said Hawkins, who was at the 2018 World Pork Expo. “Then once we know what that risk is, we can look at adjusting formulations, we can look at monitoring storage, and we can look at employing a more total mycotoxin management program to mitigate the most amount of risk possible to the pigs.”

Hawkins said one way to do that is with the Alltech RAPIREAD program, which provides not only the necessary testing, but also the ability to look at diet formulations and evaluate potential risk to the animals.

Listen to Jamie’s interview with Dr. Hawkins here: Interview with Dr. Max Hawkins, Alltech

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