Bayer Announces Care4Cattle Grant Winners

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During a panel discussion on animal health at the Bayer Future of Farming Dialogue this week, Bayer announced the winners of its new Care4Cattle grant initiative program.

In March 2018, Bayer launched the initiative in collaboration with the World Farmers’ Organisation (WFO) to recognize and support innovative-thinking livestock professionals who have created new ways of advancing beef and dairy cattle well-being on the farm.

The initiative received over 100 entries across 37 countries and the winners selected to jointly receive the EUR 30,000 Care4Cattle grant funding were from Australia, Brazil and the United Kingdom.

Dr. Dominique van der Saag from Australia was selected for her research into novel ways in which calves could self-administer analgesia after standard husbandry procedures which can often cause animals stress both during and after.

Brazil Professor Mateus Paranhos da Costa’s study into the effects different weaning methods can have on the well-being of beef calves, was the second project granted funding by the Care4Cattle initiative.

The third winning submission was from The Cattle Lameness Academy in the United Kingdom to create a modular training platform using videos, where they can support farmers in dealing with the rising threat of lameness.

In this interview, Dr. Almut Hoffmann, Head of Farm Animal Products Marketing at Bayer Animal Health, talks about the program and the three winners – Interview with Dr. Almut Hoffmann, Bayer Animal Health

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