Busting Myths About Mycotoxins

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Misconceptions about mycotoxins can cause problems for cattle producers.

One of the biggest myths out there is that most mycotoxin challenges are caused by weather. And while weather can play a role, it’s more often field agronomic practice and insect damage that are the larger culprits when it comes to mycotoxin development, according to Pat Crowley, on-farm specialist with Alltech
Crowley said monitoring plant health is the key to keeping mycotoxin levels in an acceptable range.

“Evaluate plant health. It all starts with plant health. We want a healthy plant just like we want a healthy cow or a healthy child. If we have a healthy plant, it’s more resistant to challenges out in the field,” he said.

Crowley said this year’s unique weather patterns will likely make the crop more vulnerable to mycotoxin challenges.

“This weather pattern – I haven’t really seen anything like it. It’s extremely unique and this is going to be possibly catastrophic to what we’re going to see for crops and crop damage with the rainfall and the stage of maturity that it’s in,” he said.

Crowley encouraged farmers to scout fields for possible spots or molds and use resources like mycotoxin testing available at KnowMycotoxins.com/FreeTest. He said any Alltech representative can also provide more information about mycotoxin testing.

Listen to Jamie’s interview with Pat here: Interview with Pat Crowley, Alltech

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