CrystalBlox New Self-fed Cattle Protein Supplement

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As cow-calf producers prepare for fall and winter feeding conditions, the makers of CRYSTALYX® have launched a new self-fed protein supplement for beef cattle to help improve forage utilization.

CrystalBlox, developed by Ridley Block Operations which is part of the Alltech feed division, is the first supplement of its kind to be brought to the market in nearly 40 years. With a new hybrid form that combines the economical nutrient delivery and fortification of compressed blocks with the consistent and predictable intake of low moisture block technology, CrystalBlox will fit into a wide variety of feeding situations in which protein delivery is critical.

CrystalBlox is designed and formulated to provide supplemental protein to help improve forage utilization by promoting increased forage intake and improved fiber digestibility. In situations where forage crude protein levels are low due to drought or with advanced maturity such as fall and winter forages, CrystalBlox can provide supplemental protein that will help cattle extract more energy and nutrients from forage supplies.

In this edition of the Block Talk Podcast by CRYSTALYX Brand Supplements you can hear Dan Dhuyvetter, director of research and development and director of nutrition services at CRYSTALYX® Brand Supplements, discusses how CrystalBlox combines CRYSTALYX and distillers grains to help maintain cow body condition as cattle consume low quality forages.

Listen here:
CRYSTALYX® Block Talk podcast on new block form