Alltech Accelerator 5 – SomaDetect

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The Alltech Pearse Lyons Accelerator is helping Canadian company SomaDetect to grow and expose its mission to more members of the agriculture industry. SomaDetect CEO Bethany Deshpande said the company is developing a sensor solution for dairy farmers that will measure several components in raw milk.

“Our goal is to help dairy producers have the information they need to make the best possible milk,” said Deshpande. “So it’s all about really empowering them with data and information about what is in the milk produced by their cows so that they can make early decisions on all kinds of factors – things like herd health, reproduction, as well as quality of milk.”

SomaDetect currently has sensors on about 5,000 cows in the pilot stage and hopes to expand that to 25,000 cows by the end of the year.

Listen to Chuck’s interview with Bethany here: Interview with Bethany Deshpande, SomaDetect

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