National Dairy Well-Being Initiative

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Dairy producers should take the time to explore the National Dairy Animal Well-Being website to learn more about the producer-led coalition. The coalition is encouraging producers to: “to forward your comments to your co-op or producer organization, enabling them to compile all comments from their members.” The National Dairy Animal Well-Being Initiative is a producer-led coalition that includes members from … Read More

AgriLabs Introduces New Colostrx Plus

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AgriLabs is proud to announce the introduction of Colostrx(R) Plus, a colostrum supplement for dairy and beef cattle. The Colostrx Plus supplement has an industry-high level of globulin protein of 55 grams. “Already the sole U.S. Colostrx distributor, AgriLabs is excited to own this time-tested brand and reformulate it to better meet real-world needs,” says business unit manager David Zehendner. … Read More

Extended Treatment for PIRSUE

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Pfizer Animal Health has announced that the therapy PIRSUE® has received approval for extended treatment. Be sure to ask your veterinarian for more information. Dairy producers can now use PIRSUE® (pirlimycin hydrochloride) Sterile Solution for extended duration therapy treatment of subclinical and clinical mastitis. Pfizer Animal Health recently received the supplemental approval for PIRSUE, which is indicated for the treatment … Read More

Canada confirms 12th case of BSE

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The Canadian Food Inspection Agency confirmed on Tuesday a case of BSE in a 6-year-old dairy cow from Alberta. The animal’s carcass is under CFIA control, and no part of it entered the human food or animal feed system. The age and location of the infected cow are consistent with previous cases in Canada, and this case will not affect … Read More

Outstanding Dairy Industry Edcucator/Researcher

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One of the awards given by Western Dairy Business Magazine at World Ag Expo is the Outstanding Dairy Industry Edcucator/Researcher. This year that honor was presented to Dr. John Smith, Kansas State University. Dr. Smith was interviewed by Dairyline’s Bill Baker. He’s humbled by the award. He’s one of the presenters at the Dairy Profit Seminars that were held at … Read More

Study reveals consumer views on animal welfare

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A recent study, sponsored by the American Farm Bureau Federation and conducted by the Bureau for Social Research at Oklahoma State University (OSU) surveyed approximately 1,000 randomly selected people from across the U.S. on their attitudes in regards to animal welfare. The 48-question survey was conducted by telephone. Bailey Norwood, an OSU economist and primary researcher in charge of the … Read More

Value of Starch in Corn Silage

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Along with higher corn prices, the value of corn silage has tracked notably higher. The industry used to reference corn silage values at “a penny a pound” or $20 per ton. However, the higher corn market and costs related to silage harvest have boost corn silage values in upwards of $50 per ton, says Dr. Bill Mahanna, coordinator of global … Read More

NAIS Exemption Under Fire

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The Farm Bill debate continues in the Senate, and now government watchdog groups are questioning exempting National Animal Identification from the Freedom of Information Act (FIOA). The Society of Professional Journalists, the American Civil Liberties Union and others say an attempt to ban the disclosure of information from a national animal tracking system could exempt some Agriculture Department documents from … Read More

Role of Yeast in Unstable Silages

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While yeast is a common ingredient in feed rations, including yeast in silage can cause stability issues, particularly when there is significant variability in the corn crop, says Dr. Bill Mahanna, coordinator of global nutritional services for Pioneer Hi-Bred. An increasing amount of yeast can impact digestibility and palatability of the silage, but more importantly yeast can “heat up” the … Read More

Fresh Cow Advice From Pfizer

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Pfizer Animal Health has some advice to help producers develop prevention management practices. Using systematic and comprehensive monitoring programs for facility layout, animal flow and employee training can dairy producers increase profits. “A good fresh cow management program is critical to the success and profitability of a dairy,” says Mark Kirkpatrick, DVM, Manager, Dairy Veterinary Operations, Pfizer Animal Health. “When … Read More